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Expo Cheat Sheet

Expo Cheat Sheet

Commands I often use developing React Native apps.


  • Start expo client(managed workflow).

    npx expo start
  • Start dev client bundler(bare workflow).

    npx expo start --dev-client

Bare Workflow

  • Build then run Android and Dev dev clients on devices respectively.

    npx expo run:ios -d
    npx expo run:android --device

    Specify product flavor development build type debug.

    npx expo run:android --device --variant=developmentDebug


  • Create iOS build. By default kicks off the build on EAS with production profile.

    eas build -p ios
  • Create an iOS build using the development profile defined in eas.json

    eas build -p ios -e development
  • Create an iOS build on local machine.

    eas build -p ios --local
  • View status of the last EAS build.

    eas build:view