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Fundamental Mobile Developer Skills

Mobile Developer Checklist

A list of skills/concepts I believe are fundamental to understand before identifying myself as knowledgeable in a mobile framework.

React Native, Flutter, Android, iOS. All frameworks I've used over the years.

Each with their own programming languages, apis, tools, and conventions which have evolved over the years.

Whether it's JS/TS for React Native, Dart for Flutter, Obj-C/Swift for iOS, Java/Kotlin for Android; the same skills are necessary for proficiently at using that framework.


  • Navigation

    • Bottom tab
    • Drawer/Sidebar
    • Stack
  • Render UI elements such as text, images, icons

    • Change text/image/icon size
    • Change text/image/icon color
  • Fetch data.

  • Store global state.

  • Importing/exporting files/libraries.

  • How to run emulator/simulator on local & device.

  • How to create development vs release builds.

  • How to provision profiles on both iOS and Android.

  • Configure schemes & variants for iOS and Android respectively.

  • How to build development & release builds.

  • How to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

  • How to view request logs.