Loi Tran

Solution Architect

Loi Tran is developer, and architect

I build beautifully crafted webpages 💻 and mobile 📱 apps.

I'm an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

I've worked in booking/ticketing, telemedicine, education & more.

In this time I've become proficient with the following languages, tools, and technologies.

HTML, CSS, JS, ES6, Ruby, Python, Dart, Java, Go, Linux,

Material, Bootstrap, Vuetify, Tailwind, SCSS, SASS, LESS,

SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Sequelize, Mongoose, ActiveRecord, GraphQL, GRPC, Bash, Git, Docker,

Ruby on Rails, Node, React, Vue, React Native, Flutter, Gatsby, Next, Jekyll, WordPress,

AWS, Firebase, Google Analytics, Heroku, Netlify Github Actions & more.

The proudest moment in my professional career was working with Facebook at CoderSchool to teach hundreds of students mobile development with React Native in their developer circles program.

When I'm not working I enjoy learning about personal finance & growth, as well as entrepreneurship.