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How to stage part of a dirty file

Committing part of a file to Git

Using the following command we can commit finished work and leave the rest of the file for later.

git add -p /path/to/filename


We've got a great title, I know this Post Title is the best , on line 12,

But below line 15 is WIP.

Run git status and notice git partial is dirty.


Running git add -p /path/to/filename we open an interactive prompt which gives us a few commands.

Like running git diff we see changes indicated by prefixed + and - and colors green and red.


If we enter s we can select which parts of the file we want to commit.

Then y to accept the newly focused segment of the file, just the new title, I know this Post Title is the best.


And n for the rest of the changes.

Now when we run git status we see that the file is both dirty and staged for commit. Wild. Dm

If we use VSCode's git tool we see only the title has been committed and the dirty changes are still present in the working file. Dm