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Semantic Stoic


Duolingo/Quizlet/Leetcode/TikTok are all apps I've used in the past and thought were kinda cool but could be improved.

I decided to build an app which will combine elements of all of these apps into a self improvement platform.

Semantic Stoic

I know that sounds all over the place, but don't startup founders and VC's always say we should be ready to pivot depending on product market fit?

In any case, I figured it'd be a nice opportunity to take a break from Leetcode during my free time.

The MVP is building using Flutter & Firebase.


Here using Google Analytics I've found that four days after launching the site, we have 110 users from 24 different countries. Yay!

Read code here.


  • Dart
  • Flutter
  • Firebase


I found a list of Stoic quotes on Github.

I wrote a python script which reads the json file and uses googletrans to produce the translations.